Kidbrooke Park Primary School is not the owner or creator of most of the resources listed, and it should be noted that content is used at your own risk.

SEND: apps and games

(Apps must be downloaded onto a compatible device)

Brain Parade

Website: http://www.brainparade.com/products/see-touch-learn-free/

Description: a visual instruction app, including flash cards and picture-choosing games, for children with autism and special needs.


Website: https://www.helpkidzlearn.com/

Description: a collection of games and resources designed for a range of educational needs and stages. It includes provision for school closure.

Sensory App House Ltd

Website: https://www.sensoryapphouse.com/

Description: a range of apps are available for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) or Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). All are interactive and many do not require significant coordination abilities.


Website: https://www.visuals2go.com/

Description: an all-in-one app created to support people with communication and learning difficulties. For verbal and non-verbal learners.

SEND: online, downloadable and printable resources

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Website: https://www.annafreud.org/media/11160/supporting-schools-and-colleges.pdf

Description: a downloadable guide to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and students during periods of disruption. Designed for teachers, but suitable for parents too.

Registration: not required


Website: https://www.clickview.co.uk/free/

Description: videos and education resources, with some SEND specific resources listed.

Registration: is required

Driver Trust

Website: https://www.driveryouthtrust.com/resources/

Description: online resource designed to address common literacy difficulties

Registration: not required

Inclusive Teach

Website: https://inclusiveteach.com/free-printable-sen-teaching-resources/

Description: downloadable and printable accessible teaching resources for parents and teachers to support pupils with a range of SEND needs, including autism, PMLD, SLCN, MLD, SLD

Registration: not required

Pearson – Rapid Reading and Rapid Phonics

Website: http://www.pearsonprimary.co.uk/freerapid

Description: the Rapid Reading and Rapid Phonics programmes focus on accelerating progress in reading skills for pupils with dyslexia and with low levels of literacy. Designed for teachers, but suitable for parents too.

Registration: is required

PMLD thematic units 

Website: http://www.nicurriculum.org.uk/curriculum_microsite/SEN_PMLD_thematic_units/index.asp

Description: comprehensive guidance on themed activities for learners with PMLD. A full sensory curriculum is offered. More suitable for teachers, but activities and resources will be useful for parents too.

Registration: not required

School Cloud

Website: https://www.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/features-video-meetings.asp

Description: a secure online video call service to connect pupils, parents and teachers. Potential use might include pupils with SEND and/or their parents having a weekly video call with a SENCo to monitor their progress with home learning.

Registration: is required

SEND Gateway

Website: https://www.sendgateway.org.uk/whole-school-send/find-wss-resources/nqt-videos.html

Description: guidance videos created in collaboration with the Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY) to increase the knowledge and awareness of a range of SEND conditions. Aimed at newly qualified teachers but also provides helpful resources and tips that will be useful for parents.

Registration: not required

SENict Activities

Website: https://www.ianbean.co.uk/senict-members-resource-portal

Description: downloadable activities aimed particularly at learners with PMLD, SLD and those who are learning to use assistive technology to access the curriculum. 

Registration: not required

SEN Teacher

Website: https://www.senteacher.org/

Description: downloadable and printable resources that can be adapted to suit the needs of pupils. Resources are aimed at a range of abilities. Website has over 300,000 regular users.

Registration: not required

SEN World

Website: https://www.specialeducationalneedsworld.com/home-schooling

Description: online resources for SEN teaching at home

Registration: not required

Speech and Language Kids

Website: https://www.speechandlanguagekids.com/free-speech-language-resources/

Description: an extensive range of education and therapy resources for parents and teachers of children with speech and language needs. A podcast is also available on iTunes for verbal and non-verbal children.

Registration: not required

Website: https://speechandlanguage.info/parents

Description: a parent portal with links to downloadable resources, activities and games developed by a team of speech and language therapists and software engineers who work with over 4,000 schools in the UK.

Registration: not required

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments

Website: https://www.teachingvisuallyimpaired.com/

Description: a range of downloadable resources and instructional strategies to support blind and visually impaired pupils. Suitable for parents and teachers.

Registration: is required

The Autism Page

Website: https://www.theautismpage.com/

Description: online support and information aimed at supporting parents with young children with autism. Information and ideas to support the implementation of helpful teaching methods.

Registration: not required

UCL Centre for Inclusive Education

Website: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ioe/departments-and-centres/centres/centre-inclusive-education/homeschooling-children-send/managing-transition-home-schooling

Description: a guide to help parents adjust to remote learning by providing advice and links to resources.

Registration: not required