Times Tables RockStars Battles!

Over the coming weeks, children will be able to take part in 'Battles of the Bands', through Times Tables RockStars.  This means that groups of children will take on others within the school, with the most correct answers per group being declared as the winner!

The schedule of these battles will be as follows:

Monday 4th May (9:00am) - Friday 8th May (3:30pm) - Key Stage 2 Battles!


Year 6 will battle Year 5, and Year 4 will battle Year 3.   Which year group will be victorious?  We know that Year 2 children are beginning to use Times Tables RockStars more and more, so this week should be used as practise for Year 2 children, ensuring they can log on and know their way around the different areas of the website and app.

Monday 11th May (9:00am) - Friday 15th May (3:30pm) - Class Battles!

ttrs week 2 web

This week, year groups will battle each other.  6NG will battle 6ES, 5AO will battle 5RP, 4AS will battle 4MT, 3NW will battle 3AH and 2ET will battle 2NC.  Which class will conquer the other?

Monday 18th May (9:00am) - Friday 22nd May (3:30pm) - Teachers v Pupils!

week ttrs v teachers

The big one!  This week, all of the teachers and grown-ups at school will be taking on the pupils in Years 2 - 6 combined, to see who can work together and answer the most Times Tables RockStars questions correctly in one week! Which group will be triumphant?

How do children take part?

During those times listed above, pupils should simply log on to Times Tables RockStars and play!  Children can play in any game type and - at the end - the group with the most correct answers will be the winners.  Winners will also be announced on our website.  You can see live scores throughout the week by clicking 'battles' on the Times Tables RockStars app or website. 


Click the image to log on to Times Tables RockStars.  Don't forget, it might be easier to download the app on to your devices!

All children in Years 2 - 6 have previously been given their username and password.  As a reminder, children can log on and take part via the Times Tables RockStars website or by downloading the app to devices via relevant app stores.

As always, if you have any questions about these battles or difficulties logging in to Times Tables RockStars, please email pupilsupport@kidbrookepark.greenwich.sch.uk, and a member of staff will be back in touch as soon as possible.  Further information on Times Tables RockStars can be found by clicking here.

Let the battles commence!