Solutions for Maths Challenges

Below you will find the solutions for the maths challenges set in the newsletter.  Please think about your reasoning skills, have you been able to explain how you got your answer?  Solutions below by Mr Rae - please let him know if you have tried to answer any of these challenges!

Fruity Pairs

Drawing a table or a diagram can be a useful way to keep track of your ideas.  You may find it helpful to cut up pieces of paper, writing each item on them and moving them around.  


Can you see how many different combinations Mr Rae found? Does the table show all the combinations? Is Mr Rae correct? How do you know?

Number Detectives

The answer is 64 as we worked it out by using the steps and crossing off any answers which didn’t meet the criteria.
The answer is not:
• 120 and 8 as they do not have two digits. 120 have three digits and 8 has one digit.
• 83 and 18 did not have two even numbers
• In 22 tens and units are equal. In 46 the ones are greater than the tens.
• In 86 the 6 is a multiple of 3
• In 42 double the 2 is 4
• In 80 the sum of the digits is 8 which is not a multiple of 5

Is Mr Rae correct? How do you know?